Sunday, November 14, 2010

Certified Professional Photographer, CPP, Oswego, IL

Did you feel the wind the other day. It was me breathing a gigantic sigh of relief. Three years ago when I went back to school to study photography I knew I would not be satisfied until I passed the certification exam put out by the Professional Photographic Certification Commission. In May of this year I declared my candidacy and began to prepare for the rigorous two part exam. The written exam measures technical knowledge while the image submission evaluates artistic skill and execution. I joined a study group and found that many photographers who have been in business for years do not pass the first time around. On Oct. 3rd I took the written exam and on Oct. 22nd I turned in my 20 images for the second part. On Friday I received my letter from Dr. Glenn M. Cope, Cr. Photog., CPP, API, the chairman of the Certification Commission, congratulating me on becoming a Certified Professional Photographer. I am one of less than 70 in the state of Illinois.

All of the images submitted must be client images so I want to thank all of you because without you, I literally would not be certified. Please check the blog later this month or look for my newsletter because in honor of you I am planning a certification celebration!
My deepest gratitude,