Wednesday, May 29, 2013

This is How it Starts

This year my husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage and I took the day off to hang out with my favorite person.  I am lucky to be able to work at what I love but luckier still to have found a man who I never tire spending time with. He is still the man who makes me laugh. I had this surprise planned for him for a long time right down to the song. If I had one extra day I could have done a little better job with the old snap shots, like taking them out of the album, lol, but it's a bit tricky when your trying to do it with somebody home. It's been 20 years but click here...This is How it Starts

I Took a Few Days Off

Some of you already know that earlier this year we lost our beloved big brown labradoodle who was my studio dog. When I would come into the studio and turn on my lights he would run over and sit or lay right in the spot where I have my clients sit and I would use him to test my lights if no one else was around. He may have been the most photographed dog not in show business. This favorite shot was actually taken right before a client arrived.
May is a very busy time of year at our house normally. In addition to Mother's Day it is also my husband's birthday and our wedding anniversary, more on that later.  This year for my husbands birthday I bought him a very special present from Lucky Country Labradoodles. We both took the day off last week to bring him home. He has some big paws to fill but he seems up to the task. 

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Miss H. This little one will be one to watch. She is so smart!

I'm Still Here

Shame on me for neglecting you. I have not disappeared but am way behind in my blogging. I have much to share and will start with one of my girls who came in for some sister shots. Love her curls!